All of the meat we use is  completely natural, and humanely raised on-pasture with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is always 100% grass-fed.

Pork: We were fortunate to find a group of pig farmers who treat their animals with respect. Their animals have free access to the outdoors, clean bedding, plenty of room and clean feed. We are focused on using animals from clean facilities that treat both their animals and employees with respect and kindness. 

Turkey: Our free-range turkeys are always raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. They are live completely on pasture and are rotated to new grass, ensuring they have access to clean air and fresh grass. 

Lamb: Our lamb is 100% all-natural and pasture-raised, meaning they live on-pasture their entire lives, allowing them the ability to move around freely and are healthy and happy, and get no antibiotics or added hormones. Our lambs do have access to alfalfa to keep them well-nourished during cold winters. 

Chicken: Our free-range chicken is fed a vegetarian diet of Non GMO corn and Non GMO soy. The birds are raised on an outdoor pasture which allows them to graze and perch as they please. 

Beef: All our beef is 100% natural, 100% grass-fed, AND pasture-raised with no grain EVER. Our ranchers practice low-stress livestock handling and are committed to practices that are regenerative and sustainable on this earth, preserve what they love about agriculture, rural communities, and the environment.